Turned up in1933, Ţesătoriile Reunite Company was made up from the beginning of more production units in the weaving field and textile finishing, and this is where the name comes from.
   At the moment it is made up of the two production units, one of weaving and the other of textile finishing, both found in Bucharest at appreciatively 12 km one between the other.
   The weaving mill, where the company's center is situated, consists in a preparing area for weaving, the weaving mill and the auxiliary activities. Here are working weaving machines with double plush mechanism and cloth for example jacquard mechanism and Raschel machines too with 16 needles/inch for double plush.

The products made are:
- plush textures, for tapestry and inside decorations, made by wearing machines double plus with jacquard mechanism, and by the Raschel machines too;
- cloth with chenille effect wire, for tapestry and inside decorations made by weaving machines with jacquard mechanism.
- variations textile ready – made clothes for the inside decorations;
- bathroom carpets made up from natural fiber, in a very large color and picture range, made over double plush technologies.
- plush textures and fireproof cloth for crowded places, these products are being made from fireproof fibers (Trevira CS polyester or clorofiber Rhovyl) or obtained from special treatments in the finishing process.

   All these products, are for the internal market in Romania, but also for the partners all over the European community that share their partnership with us (especially those from Italy)
   The company is certified in the quality management ISO 9001/2000 and it is an authorized purveyor for the railway.
   In the past few years The United Weavings participated and still participates to expos and international fairs like Heimtextile – Germania, Interdecor – Olanda, Furnidec – Grecia, BIFE si ROMHOTEL – Romania, where its products are much appreciated.